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Stigma causes complications for those with HIV

Individuals who have HIV often have to deal with discrimination and stigma from people who do not understand their disease. Misunderstanding can make it difficult for you and others with HIV to lead normal lives and exist without fear of discriminatory treatment. If you have this sickness, you have the right to live and work without marginalization.

If you have HIV, you may have experienced some of these complications yourself. Prejudice, mistreatment and negative attitudes directed at people with HIV are often the result of misinformation, incorrect perceptions and wrong assumptions. Florida employers and others should strive to educate themselves and treat people with HIV with dignity, respecting their personal rights.

Are you experiencing a violation of your rights? 

Living with HIV can be complicated, and you may deal with a variety of treatment that can range from frustrating to blatantly discriminating. In fact, approximately 50 percent of people who live with HIV report experiencing negative treatment and attitudes because of their medical condition. Examples of the various types of treatment you may experience include the following: 

  • Difficulty getting medical care
  • Experiencing discrimination in the workplace
  • Refusal of rightful medical leave or time off from work
  • Discrimination in housing
  • Denial of rightfully earned promotions or opportunities
  • Experiencing negative treatment from medical professionals

You have the right to fight back against treatment you are experiencing, especially in the workplace. You should not experience poor or different treatment because of your HIV diagnosis, and you do not have to stand for it. Discrimination in any form is inexcusable, and you deserve a workplace free from harassment and hostility.

If you are a victim of employment discrimination of any kind because of your perceived health status, you have the right to pursue a legal remedy to your concerns. It may be appropriate to move forward with a civil claim at this time.

Shielding your personal rights

You do not have to deal with the impact of HIV discrimination on your own. As a victim, you have the right to pursue recourse and appropriate compensation from the responsible parties. It is prudent to take quick action to make the mistreatment stop and seek reasonable restitution.

It might be beneficial for you to first reach out and seek an explanation of the specific legal options available to you. Discussing your case with an attorney experienced in workplace discrimination laws can help you understand how to move forward with a reasonable course of action.

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